About us

Our mission

Our mission is to encourage kids to embrace science and nature, love the planet the live on and to become healthier in the process ! We’ll give you the tools to feed their curiosity by bringing you fun projects.

My name is Nikki.  I’m a wife, mum and founder of back to nature kids.  I have a passion for science and nature and the environment.  I studied Environmental Science, Biological Science, Biomedical Science at University.  

I’m mum to 2  beautiful young kids. As a mum I’m becming increasingly concerned about the future of our environment with issues such as global warming becoming more evident.  

Kids are our future.  I believe its essential that kids have a good understanding of science and nature in order to make the right choices and protect the future of our planet. 


Spending time in nature is also important for a childs development.  It builds confidence, develops creativity and imagination, gets kids moving, makes them think, reduces stress and fatigue and teaches them responsibility. 

Back to nature kids was born to address these issues by educating kids about our environment, nature and scienve by bringing you fun projects to stimulate young minds. 



to help in your journey educatekids about science, and theenvironment.